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Resuscitation Trolley Market is set to garner staggering revenues by 2018 – 2028

Pressure Monitoring Devices Market
Pressure Monitoring Devices Market
Resuscitation is a procedure of reviving somebody from apparent death or unconsciousness. Resuscitation Trolley is a combination of drawers/trays/shelves that are on wheels and used in hospitals as transportation and dispensing of emergency equipment/medication at the site of some surgical/medical emergency for life support situations. Resuscitation Trolley has drugs as well as equipment for intubation, defibrillation, passage of central lines and intravenous medication. A few drugs that are indicated for use in advanced life support system are Atropine, Adrenaline (Epinephrine), Amiodarone. Resuscitation Trolley also has sutures, suction devices, surgical needles, scalpels, swabs, sponges, hemostats, retractors, forceps, o2 supplies, airways, tracheal tubes, IV supplies and cardiac monitor consisting of a defibrillator as well. Resuscitation Trolleys are installed majorly in intensive care units and hospital emergency departments. Resuscitation Trolleys are equipped as per the prescribed specifications. Resuscitation Trolleys are customized and provide better efficiency with precise knowledge of the layouts and careful provisioning. The major application involves emergency care and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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Resuscitation Trolley Market: Drivers and Restraints-

Increasing incidence of cardiac arrests; rise in awareness of CPR i.e. cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and improved skillset of people performing CPR is expected to drive the Resuscitation trolley market over the period of forecast. Growing cases of emergency situations requiring airway and circulation support and improved trolley specifications available in the market is also anticipated to drive Resuscitation Trolley market growth over the period of forecast. However, in most of the cases, trolleys are not updated and maintained on a regular basis which is why they produce inefficient results. Not all the expected drugs and equipment are present. Daily maintenance and tracking could hinder the Resuscitation Trolley market over the period of forecast. Resuscitation Trolleys are also expensive to maintain, equipment like defibrillators and ventilation supplies cost are high, which might also be a hindrance to the growth of Resuscitation Trolley market over the period of forecast.

Resuscitation Trolley Market: Segmentation

Tentatively, Resuscitation Trolley Market has been segmented on the basis of Application, product type, end users and geography.

On the basis of Product type, Resuscitation Trolley Market can be segmented as:

  • Airway management Resuscitation Trolley equipment
  • Circulation management Resuscitation Trolley equipment
  • Drugs

On the basis of Application, Resuscitation Trolley Market can be segmented as:

  • Adult Use
  • Pediatric Use

On the basis of end users, Resuscitation Trolley Market can be segmented as:

  • Acute Care Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Dental Clinics
  • Dental Hospitals
  • Mental Health inpatient Care Centers

On the basis of geography, Resuscitation Trolley Market can be segmented as:

  • North- America
  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Asia-Pacific excluding China & Japan
  • China
  • Japan
  • Middle East and Africa
  • Latin America

Resuscitation Trolley Market: Overview

Global Resuscitation Trolley market has witnessed growth due to expanding demand for emergency care and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation procedures. Resuscitation Trolleys are being extensively used for primary care, acute care, primary dental care, community hospital care and mental health inpatient care. Airway management  includes oxygen pocket masks, endotracheal tubes, suction catheters, resuscitation bag with O2 supplies, bag valve masks and laryngeal masks. Circulation management includes intravenous cannulation and central venous cannulation. Drugs like dopamine, atropine and adrenaline are also present in a Resuscitation Trolley. Providing access to essential drugs and aid in procedures like cardiology and endoscopy will contribute to the major factors leading the growth of Resuscitation Trolley market during the period of forecast.

Resuscitation Trolley Market: Region-wise Outlook

Geography wise, Resuscitation Trolley market is divided into eight regions viz. North-America, Asia- Pacific excluding China & Japan, China, Japan, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Middle-East & Africa. North America’s Resuscitation Trolley market is expanding because of high rate of installations and adoption rate and it will remain dominant over the period of forecast due to good healthcare facilities and expenditure. The incidence of cardiac arrest cases is increasing. In 2015, sudden cardiac arrest mortality was 366807 in the US. Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation can double or even triple the chances of survival. North America’s Resuscitation Trolley market is expected to grow the fastest due to increase in number of CPR cases and improved skillset of the people performing it. Asia-Pacific Resuscitation Trolley market is anticipated to grow at a moderate rate due to poor awareness about resuscitation facilities and low healthcare expenditure.

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Resuscitation Trolley Market: Key Market Participants

Some of the market participants in the Global Resuscitation Trolley market identified across the value chain include: Arjo, CFS Italia S.A.S., Haeberle, Medi Waves Inc., Strongman Medline, Tecno-Gaz, Bristol Maid, Desco Medical India, Armstrong Medical Industries, Apex Healthcare, Aurion, Capsa Healthcare, Egerton and ColMed.

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